sec4dev: Every Developer Should Be a Hacker!

sec4dev: Every Developer Should Be a Hacker!

The sec4dev Conference & Bootcamp takes place from Feb 24 to 27 at TU Wien. The conference has a strong focus on practical, applicable, hands-on, and security-related contents for folks involved in software development. Its goal is making security a first-class citizen in the world of software development.

Which topics are covered?

At sec4dev, you will see talks and bootcamps in the following areas:

  • Secure coding, design, and architecture
  • Threat modeling
  • Secure development process
  • IoT security
  • Continuous integration and DevSecOps
  • Container security
  • Cloud security
  • Mobile security

Why sec4dev?

  • Learn why every software developer should be a hacker.
  • Make security an integral and ready-to-use part of your software development toolbelt.
  • Exchange knowledge, ideas, and experience with the best industry professionals and like-minded people.

Get your ticket now!

Boost your secure development skills! Get your ticket now, space is limited! Mitglieder des TU Wien alumni clubs erhalten das Friends of sec4dev Ticket (Voucher Code: DEVELOPERSAREHACKERS).