Einladung zum Vortrag – John Harrison_Earth Architecture in Lhasa

Einladung zum Vortrag – John Harrison_Earth Architecture in Lhasa

A Blessing for the Land.

Architectural Documentation and Restoration of
Earthen Buildings in the Old City of Lhasa, Tibet

2. März 2020, 19:00 – 20:30
TU Wien, HS 7 Schütte-Lihotzky Hörsaal, 2. Hof, EG


John Harrison is a British architect who has been travelling in the Himalaya for over thirty years, documenting and restoring historic buildings. He has experience in managing complex preservation projects, including research of historic documents and traditional earthen building materials. The restoration and conversion of the Munshi House in Leh old town as a community arts centre has recently been given an Award of Distinction in the 2018 UNESCO Asia-Pacific Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation. Current projects are in Ladakh (India), Purang (TAR, China) as well as in Kathmandu und Mustang, Nepal.  What distinguishes his current work in Nepal is the training of local students of architecture and conservators on site. His exhibition ‘Himalayan Buildings’  has been shown widely in South Asia and Europe; and an exhibition of his ‘Mustang drawings’ at the Taragaon Museum in Kathmandu in 2018. Currently he holds a research fellowship at Liverpool School of Architecture.


In this talk John Harrison will describe his work with the Tibet Heritage Fund in the old city of Lhasa twenty years ago, in the brief period when foreign NGOs were permitted to work in Chinese Tibet.


Diese Veranstaltung entstand in Kooperation mit dem Institut für Kunstgeschichte, Bauforschung und Denkmalpflege/TU Wien, dem Institut für Sozialanthropologie/ÖAW Wien, dem Netzwerk Lehm sowie dem Institut für Vergleichende Architekturforschung.